Puppato took one’s first steps by the tailor shop of his uncle Ottavio in vicolo Barberia in Treviso. 
Then he’s 18years old left Treviso to reach the master Napoliello atelier. 
Here Puppato doesn’t learn only the work but also the secrets to catch the psychology of the customer. 
He could perfect the style and the technique thanks to fellowship with Luciano Bonello, tailor of Padua and with an english interval by Huntsman and Henry Poole atelier in London
After only two years, Puppato decided to open the atelier in Calle dei Fabbri, rich of the technique, fantasy and he was ready to express the own art and ability.

Passion and determination distinguish Puppato as tailor and as cyclist; he’s vice president of Pedale Veneziano, a glorious sports society in the historic centre of Venice founded in 1913. The raids made from Puppato have been a lot and difficult: just one, in 2000, an euro raid, from Venice to CIO in Lausanne, to Paris to arrive to Bruxelles. Here there was a meeting party by the European Commission with an other cyclist: Romano Prodi. First, in the 80’s and 90’s some particular raids a for example: always from Venice to Rome, Wien, Praga, Genoa, Pisa and Amalfi (Sea Republics) and till to North Cape with his son Alessandro.

On the occasion of the monographic exhibition by Scotti Palace in Treviso in 2001, Mr Leopoldo Pietragnoli presents the friend Puppato so:

“There is also the accordion as Puppato’s hobby. He’s a poet, has godo taste about literature and painting, a good friend with any” 

All to understand better the inner richness of tris artist tailor ho believes in his work because he believes in people, in most important values. For Puppato the elegance on measure is first of all a life style.

By Alessandro Puppato