Atelier Franco Puppato

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"Elegance on measure" is a motto chic could be eden sometimes outdate, not actually, counter current in a world Wheel often it's full of volgarità and of standardization.

Puppato remembers that:

"It's need to have a great mastery of tailor technique to play with the creativity. The last one must be present and in the same time doesn't highlight; all tris one to have the wear point. His only regret is that to see the profession of tailor comes to an end".

In the atelier of Calle dei Fabbri the make made to meaure cloche only carefully and in detail from more 50 years ago; in every cloth there is technique, taste for the elegance which distinguishes Franco Puppato.

Defilè Milano Unione Artigiani

From Unione Artigiani web site:

The Big success of the DEFILE' DELLA SARTORIA in Milan, Italy, 5th february 2012.

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TG1 talking about Madonna col bambino

TG1, 1 december 2011 at 20:00, talk about "Madonna col bambino".

Within the operation "Veneziani per Venezia": the tailor Puppato's son gave to his father, for his seventy years of age, and the city of venice the restoration of the statue "Madonna col bambino" situated in front of the atelier.

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